Net-Centric and Space Systems

The Net-Centric Warfare group plans, observes, and analyzes tests of the newest networks, satellites, command, control and communication systems, and software-intensive systems for the Department of Defense. The nature and variety of the systems requires creative solutions tailored to accommodate the unique aspects of these programs, such as the timelines and challenges associated with building and deploying space systems, and the rapid pace of modern software development techniques. We regularly observe operational tests involving intended operators using a system to complete assigned tasks, in order to capture the system’s capabilities and limitations before it is used in actual operations. Our activities culminate in an analysis that synthesizes data from a variety of sources. We convey results via both presentations and written reports.


  • Chemical Demilitarization
  • Major Automatic Information Systems
  • Joint Command, Control and Communications
  • Satellite Command and Control
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Satellite Communications
  • Remote Sensing Satellites
  • Ground- and Space-based Surveillance Sensors
  • Space Battle-management, Command and Control
  • Space Situational Awareness