Net-Centric and Space Systems

The Net-Centric and Space Systems Group plans, observes and analyzes tests of defense enterprise networks; satellites; satellite ground stations; command, control and communication systems; software-intensive systems; and strategic missile systems. We address problems unique to these acquisition programs, including the timelines and challenges associated with building and deploying space systems, and conducting realistic tests at the rapid pace of modern software development. We observe and assess system performance across multiple military operational domains in order to capture a system’s capabilities and limitations before the nation relies on that system for real-world performance. To support decision-makers, we provide reports and briefings to synthesize data from all operational conditions and tell the full story of the systems’ performance.


  • Cyberspace Command and Control.
  • DOD-Wide Information Systems.
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
  • Ground- and Space-Based Surveillance Sensors.
  • Joint Command, Control and Communications.
  • Remote Sensing Satellites.
  • Satellite Command and Control.
  • Satellite Communications.
  • Space Battle-management, Command and Control.
  • Space Situational Awareness.
  • Strategic Missile Systems.
  • Strategic Planning, Command, and Control.