Missile Defense System

The Missile Defense System (MDS) group plans, attends, analyzes data from, and reports on testing of air and missile defense systems and of MDS sensors and command and control elements. Combatant commanders employ MDS assets to defend the United States, deployed forces and allies against missile threats at all ranges. Our researchers have expertise in MDS threat and interceptor systems, radar and infrared sensors, command and control networks, communication networks, modeling and simulation, and cybersecurity. We observe tests using land- and sea-based operational assets at test ranges locations in the United States, including Colorado, New Mexico, California, Alaska and Hawaii, and abroad, such as the Marshall Islands and Europe.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • U.S. Homeland Defense Combat Systems
  • Regional/Theater Defense Combat Systems
  • Land- and Sea-Based Radars
  • Space-Based Infrared Sensors
  • Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communication Systems
  • Ballistic and Hypersonic Missile Threats
  • Advanced Technology Weapons