Cyber Domain

Cyber domain researchers plan, observe and analyze tests to (1) assess the cyber posture of military systems and tools for the Department of Defense and (2) connect cyber domain effects to implications in all other warfare domains. We regularly observe operational tests for land, air, naval, command and control, and business systems, and we participate in enterprise-level assessments during large-scale combatant command training exercises. We support cyber table-top exercises and planning events that analytically explore potential cyberattack vectors to prepare for and inform follow-on live testing. We also observe cooperative live testing events designed to identify and characterize known problems, and adversarial live events designed to capture mission effects and system responses in representative operational conditions.

The observation of live events and exploration of innovative analytical methodologies are essential components of our cyber effort. Our analyses synthesize all available information to explore how actions in the cyber domain affect the ability to complete assigned missions, what can be done to prevent cyber threats from affecting missions, how to mitigate cyberattacks, and how to recover mission functionality to prepare for the next mission. We also develop new methods for evaluating cybersecurity strategies and approaches, including work in areas like cyber-radio frequency interaction, non-internet protocol attacks, and the intersection of cyber operations and artificial intelligence.