Test Science

The Test Science group facilitates data-driven decision-making by developing, applying, and disseminating statistical, psychological, and data science methodologies within the Department of Defense and other national security organizations.  We assure the appropriate use of statistical and psychological methods in DoD program evaluation.  We provide training and outreach to strengthen the defense community’s capacity for leveraging analytical approaches to program evaluation.  We conduct research to develop new statistical approaches to address critical methodological shortfalls in DoD program evaluation.  Additionally, we collaborate with external organizations to provide data scientists and applied statisticians with core educational material, interactive tools, and access to experts. Go to https://testscience.org/(Open external link) for more information.


  • Experimental and Observational Test Design
  • Statistical Modeling (Classical and Bayesian)
  • Validation of Modeling & Simulation
  • Data Management
  • Survey Design
  • Human-System Interaction and Human-Machine Teaming
  • Cognitive and Decision Science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy