Naval Warfare

The Naval Warfare Group provides planning, observing, and analyzing the results of operational tests of U.S. Navy defense acquisition programs, including ships and submarine platforms, weapons systems, and surface ship sensors.

The group is composed of a diverse team of researchers with backgrounds in various STEM fields, some with prior military service. Thanks to decades of experience, our researchers are highly knowledgeable about the operational testing of naval warfare systems, particularly mine countermeasures programs, total ship and submarine test programs, undersea warfare programs, shipboard air defense programs and electromagnetic spectrum programs. By leveraging our collective experience, we provide DOT&E with key insights on how to develop operational tests to evaluate the mission success of the system under test and deep, unbiassed, assessments of warfighting capability.


  • Aerial Targets and Payloads.
  • Antisubmarine Warfare.
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems.
  • Autonomy.
  • Auxiliary Ships.
  • Combatant Surface Ships.
  • Electro-magnetic Spectrum Operations.
  • Integrated Ship Combat Systems.
  • Machine Learning
  • Mine Countermeasures.
  • Modeling and Simulation.
  • Navy Amphibious Warfare Ships and Craft.
  • Ship- and Submarine-Based Electronic Warfare Systems.
  • Shipboard Self- and Area Air-Defense.
  • Sonar Systems.
  • Statistical Test Design and Analyses.
  • Surface-to-Air Missiles.
  • Surface Warfare.
  • Torpedoes.
  • Undersea Warfare.
  • Unmanned and Autonomous System.