Land and Expeditionary Warfare

The Land and Expeditionary Warfare Group plans, observes and analyzes tests of the newest military vehicles, weapon systems, sensors, aircraft, remotely operated vehicles and communications systems. We observe operational testing of units equipped with these systems so we can understand their new capabilities. We also participate in testing of the newest generations of munitions, artillery, rockets, missiles and lasers to examine their effectiveness and lethality. Often, testing of new systems is combined with high-fidelity hardware-in-the-loop or computer simulations to estimate system performance across the full range of possible scenarios. When testing systems with room for passengers, we may ride along while testing is in progress. Observing operational tests provides critical insights for subsequent analysis of test results, which we share in written reports.


  • Armored System Modernization.
  • Army Aviation Systems.
  • Army Tactical Air Defense Systems.
  • Army Unmanned Aerial Systems.
  • Brigade Combat Team Modernization.
  • Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense Systems.
  • Fire Support Systems.
  • Land Electronic Warfare Systems.
  • Land Networking and Communications Systems.
  • Marine Aviation Systems.
  • Marine Fighting Vehicles.
  • Soldier Combat Systems.
  • Tactical Wheeled Vehicles.