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IDA Space

Meeting Space Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

The United States needs informed expertise to ensure continued U.S. leadership in space and to safeguard the sustainability of the space environment. IDA provides rigorous, independent, and objective analyses on space issues to sponsors across the federal government. We are trusted advisors to organizations, such as the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, National Space Council, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. We are committed to helping them sustain U.S. leadership in this rapidly evolving domain.

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IDA has experience, relationships, and infrastructure to help address the United States’ toughest space challenges

IDA Space Tech IDA Space Tech

IDA’s core strength lies in our innovative, interdisciplinary mix of scientists, engineers, policy analysts, operational professionals, intelligence analysts and other talent from the academic, military, and civil service communities. We staff each project with a custom blend of skills and backgrounds to effectively address space-related challenges across the national security, civil, and commercial space arenas. IDA has the relationships and infrastructure to easily communicate across the executive branch and the Intelligence Community. IDA's classified facilities enable us to synthesize intelligence information with operational capabilities to provide an integrated analytical picture of U.S. and foreign space capabilities.

IDA Capabilities Include:

IDA Space Break IDA Space Break
  • Policy Analyses and Strategy
  • Science and Technology Assessments
  • Systems and Capabilities
  • Resource and Support Analyses
  • Force Design and Operations
  • Space Economy and Commercial Markets

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