Tying Resource Decisions to Readiness Outcomes

IDA’s sustainment group supports improved resource decisions to ensure that key U.S. weapon systems are ready to perform their missions. We do this by identifying barriers to military readiness and by drawing a direct link between resource decisions and readiness outcomes. Our approach emphasizes obtaining and integrating authoritative data from across the military departments to build an unequaled view of the sustainment system. This view allows us to study the interconnected nature of operations, logistics, maintenance, personnel and supply processes throughout a system’s life cycle. By tying discrete actions — such as buying specific spares, investing in reliability growth and changing maintenance concepts — to changes in overall readiness, we help our sponsors in the Department of Defense (DOD) identify optimal courses of action and justify their decisions to senior DOD leadership.

What Is Sustainment?

Sustainment is the art and science of achieving and maintaining military readiness. It consists of all core logistics capabilities, from operation-level performance to depot-level maintenance, and it accounts for a majority of DOD yearly operating costs, most of which is spent on ensuring weapons work properly.

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Why Is Sustainment Challenging?

Ensuring weapon system readiness is a persistent challenge for the DOD. End-to-end sustainment modeling requires comprehensive and accurate sustainment data, but access to data is limited and knowledge is not openly communicated. There is no one-stop shop for all DOD data.

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How Do We Support DOD Sustainment?

IDA takes a comprehensive simulation-driven approach to map out all aspects of sustainment and their effects on readiness outcomes. Our tools allow us to answer materiel readiness questions ranging from the tactical to the strategic. We focus on supporting the military service departments directly, with an emphasis on working-level engagement.

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Eye on IDA: Ashwell on Weapon System Sustainment

Benjamin Ashwell discusses how IDA is modeling a complete, data-driven picture of weapon systems to help sustain their readiness for military use.

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