IDA’s Sustainment Modeling team helps decision-makers tie resource investments to readiness outcomes. The team has developed a stable of open-source tools for integrating data from DoD, Navy, and Air Force repositories to help us rapidly stand up end-to-end multi-echelon models of the sustainment system. By adopting a rigorous, empirical approach and thoroughly vetting our models with platform subject matter experts, we are able to diagnose future problems before they become acute, identify efficient COAs to resolve them, and assess the effects that investments today will have on readiness tomorrow.

What is Sustainment?

Sustainment consists of all core logistics capabilities, from operation-level performance to depot-level maintenance, and accounts for a majority of DOD yearly operating costs. Most of the money is spent on ensuring things work properly. Sustainment is the art and science of achieving and maintaining military readiness.

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Why is Sustainment Challenging?

Readiness is a persistent challenge for the DOD weapon systems. End-to-end sustainment modeling requires comprehensive and accurate sustainment data, but in reality access is limited and knowledge is stovepiped. There is no “one-stop-shop” for all DOD data.

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How IDA supports DOD Sustainment

IDA takes a comprehensive simulation-driven approach to map out all aspects of sustainment and their effects on readiness outcomes. Our tools allow us to answer materiel readiness questions ranging from the tactical to the strategic. We focus on supporting the Services directly, with an emphasis on working-level engagement.

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