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How Do We Support DOD Sustainment

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IDA is uniquely positioned to provide rigorous analyses in support of the DOD sustainment enterprise. Learn more about IDA.

IDA takes a comprehensive simulation-driven approach to map out all aspects of sustainment and their effects on readiness outcomes. We focus on the end-to-end sustainment system as a whole, and not just a single piece, particularly when it comes to materiel readiness. Our work combines the strengths of cross-cutting data analysis to discover ground truth, correlative studies using statistical approaches to analyze historical trends, and predictive capabilities of end-to-end simulations. Our tools allow us to quickly investigate realistic scenarios ranging from the tactical to the strategic.

Robust Data-Driven Decision Making


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Cross-cutting data analyses

  • Combine multiple data sources to reveal trends and gain insights
  • Discover ground truth hidden by stovepiped processes
  • Cannot explore “what if” scenarios
  • Limited ability to tie decisions to outcomes


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Correlative studies

  • Statistical approaches including machine learning
  • Historical trends can reveal which factors may drive performance
  • Limited ability to make specific or tactical predictions and recommendations


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End-to-end simulation

  • Explicitly model all aspects of sustainment
  • Predict how specific investments cause readiness changes
  • Model quality is contingent on data quality
  • Heavy initial lift to build the model

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