IDA's Africa Program

Who We Are

Established in 2010, IDA’s Africa Team was designed to respond to the growing strategic importance of the African continent. IDA’s regional experts support U.S. government decision makers with objective analyses and policy recommendations for matters pertaining to the continent of Africa. With a diverse group of experts, the Africa Team has formed a unique research capability that examines the most challenging and complex issues existing in or emanating from the African continent. In particular, experts have extensive background in defense and security matters, military establishments, strategic assessments, intelligence analysis, and methodologies for measuring stability and institutional change. Experts also monitor trends and developments on the continent that could result in political, social, or economic change. As an FFRDC, IDA prepares highly-tailored deliverables based upon a sponsor’s requirement. Africa experts are able to attain data and unique insights by engaging African government officials, nongovernmental organizations, other partner nations, private sector entities and academia during the conduct of field research.

Areas of Expertise

  • Defense and security policy
  • Transnational threats
  • Violent Extremism and Insurgency
  • African politics and elections
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Institutional Capacity Development
  • Influence of foreign partners
  • Peacekeeping, conflict and conflict resolution
  • Human Geography
  • Natural resources
  • Social conflict and unrest
  • Demographic change