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Human Capital Analytics at IDA

All-Volunteer Force: The Bedrock of the U.S. Military

About Block One

IDA’s recognized experts in military personnel policy take pride in providing the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) with the highest level of analytic rigor in our human capital policy and workforce analyses.

Innovation is our strength

Our multidisciplinary teams combine expertise in economics, data science, psychology, policy and science disciplines, with a deep familiarity in military life, culture and practices to provide actionable results.

OUR contributions

About Block Three
  • Personnel retention prediction for modern talent management.
  • Best practices for recruiting STEM civilians to the DOD workforce.
  • Diversity, inclusion and minority representation.
  • Prevention of, and response to, harmful behaviors such as suicide and hazing.
  • Forecast demand for military critical skills training.
  • Cyber workforce roles and military, civilian, and contractor alternatives.
  • Readiness distractors in special operations and elite units.
  • Operationalizing DOD data architectures and governance.
  • Improving readiness and reducing costs in the military health system.
  • Personnel management policies and organizational reform.
  • Readiness payoffs to various full-time personnel staffing levels.
  • Support for quadrennial reviews of military compensation.

We leverage technical expertise to provide objective analysis

About Block Four

We are a private, nonprofit corporation headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.

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About Block Five

We safeguard our access to sensitive information, and we do not share our work without approval from our government sponsors.