IDA in the Research Community

IDA Research Staff participate actively in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Below are some recent citations of IDA Researchers and their work.

Balakrishnan Spoke at Summit for Space Sustainability
Asha Balakrishnan spoke on the Activating Debris Removal Panel on June 22, the second day of the 2021 Summit for Space Sustainability, hosted by the Secure World Foundation. A recording is available; the panel starts around 2:53:39.
Simon to Speak at Rosenthal Fellowship Event
Ian Simon will speak at the “Global Health” roundtable on July 28 for the Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations. The Rosenthal Fellowship is a program of the Partnership for Public Service that offers outstanding, civic-minded graduate students in international affairs the opportunity to spend a summer working to solve some of our biggest national and global challenges.
Simon Speaks at Two Science Policy Career Events

Ian Simon was a keynote speaker at the National Science Policy Network’s Southern Hub Retreat, an online event that occurred on June 26. Ian is also scheduled to speak on the July 28 roundtable on global health for the Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations. Both events focus on science policy careers and career options in and around the government for scientists and engineers.

Numrich Featured by University of Cambridge
photo, Sue Numrich Sue Numrich was described as “the national security researcher and champion for women in leadership” in an alumni story for the University of Cambridge, where she did post-graduate work.
Miller Gave Career Talk to University of Utah Students
photo, Curtis Miller Curtis Miller served on a panel at the University of Utah during which he spoke to undergraduate students about careers in mathematics. The panel was held June 11, 2021.
IDA Paper Cited in White House Report
Laura Odell, Cameron DiLorenzo, Chandler Dawson and Matthew Kowalyk coauthored “Supply Chain Risk in Leading-Edge Integrated Circuits,” cited in a recent White House report (page 56).
Cazares Interviewed by FastTIMES
photo, Shelley Cazares Shelley Cazares and DoD contractor Gregory Schultz, White River Technologies, discussed unexploded ordnance (UXO) remediation during an interview with FastTIMES. Shelley’s remarks begin around 1:13.
Peña Spoke at Technology Transfer Event
photo, Vanessa Peña Vanessa Peña spoke on the “Innovation at Technology Transfer Offices” panel during the two-day technology transfer event, hosted by the Office of Strategic Alliances and the National Center for Advancing Translation Sciences. The event took place May 13-14, 2021.
Colvin Spoke at Space Roundtable
photo, Tom Colvin Tom Colvin presented “Encouraging Private Sector Investment into Lunar Surface Capabilities” at the 11th joint Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium and Space Resources Roundtable, June 8, 2021.
Corbin Spoke at Citrus Spaceport Conference
photo, Ben Corbin Ben Corbin spoke during the Citrus Spaceport virtual event held June 12, 2021, at his alma mater, the University of Central Florida. The conference is an opportunity for students to hear directly from aerospace professionals.
Myers Received Honorary Degree from Colorado College
Director Margaret Myers recently received an honorary doctor of science degree from her alma mater, Colorado College in conjunction with the Class of 2021 Commencement.
Wong Spoke at StratTech Conference
Yuna Wong discussed wargaming during the “Through the Warfare Looking Glass” panel at the Institute for Security and Technology’s first StratTech Conference held May 25.
Goldman Discussed “Career Paths in Policy”
Abby Goldman spoke on a panel, “Career Paths in Policy,” during a webinar hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). The webinar occured on Thursday, June 10, 2021.
Levine on Panel Responsible for New National Academies Press Report
Photo, Mr Peter K. Levine, Senior Fellow | SFRD Peter Levine was a member of a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine panel charged by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to look into how to better apply data science to improve acquisition processes. The panel’s report, “Empowering the Defense Acquisition Workforce to Improve Mission Outcomes Using Data Science,” is available by signing up for a free National Academies Press account.
McLendon Joins Panel at DAU Event
photo, Michael McLendon Michael McLendon joins panelists from the Army, Navy, and Air Force for the panel discussion “Building Successful Software Sustainment Strategies During Acquisition” Tuesday, June 8, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET. Michael Jennings of the Air Force Sustainment Center will chair the panel. The panel is part of DOD Sustainment Series: Sustainment Early in Acquisition, a virtual Defense Acquisition University (DAU) event.
Daniels Published by NATO JAPCC
photo, Owen Daniels Owen Daniels published two papers for Joint Air & Space Conference 2021. The annual Joint Air Power Competence Center (JAPCC) event will be held in Germany on September 7–9. The first paper explores the limitations and challenges of the observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) loop as a mental model for thinking about artificial intelligence applications, particularly with regard to speed. The second, with coauthor Clementine Starling of the Atlantic Council, discusses potential ways to overcome obstacles to NATO’s command and control resilience in contested environments.
Schwartz Led Talk
Norton Schwartz, IDA President IDA President Norton Schwartz interviewed WWW II B-24 Liberator aviator Captain John Billings about his book, Special Duties Pilot, at an event hosted by the Office of Strategic Services Society on Wednesday, April 28.
Levine Spoke at Senate Hearing
Photo, Mr Peter K. Levine, Senior Fellow | SFRD SFRD’s Peter Levine testified at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on management challenges and opportunities facing the Department of Defense on Tuesday, April 27. Other speakers included Adam Grant, University of Pennsylvania; and Elizabeth Field, Government Accountability Office. A video of Peter’s testimony (opening statement at 24:06) and a transcript are available online.
Taylor Addresses Gen Z in Inkstick Article
Photo, Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor wrote “Preparing Gen Z to Enter the National Security Community” published in Inkstick as part of “The Future of National Security Work.”
Fischerkeller Published in Lawfare
Photo, Dr Michael P. Fischerkeller, Research Staff Member | ITSD Michael Fischerkeller wrote “Current International Law Is Not an Adequate Regime for Cyberspace,” published in Lawfare.
Researchers Published in FastTIMES
article thumbnail, The Live Site Demonstrations for Advanced Geophysical Classification of Terrestrial Unexploded Ordnance Shelley Cazares, Elizabeth Ayers, Katherine Fisher, and Michael Tuley coauthored “The Live Site Demonstrations for Advanced Geophysical Classification of Terrestrial Unexploded Ordnance,” published in FastTIMES, a publication of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society.
House Subcommittee Hearing References IDA’s Veterans Affairs’ Study
U.S. Capitol Representative Matt Rosendale referenced IDA’s quality assurance review of the VA’s Electronic Health Record Modernization program during a hearing with the House Subcommittee on Technology Modernization: Subcommittee on Health (at approximately 16:00 minutes). The April 14 hearing was entitled “Strategic Review: Evaluating Concerns About the Ongoing Implementation of the Electronic Health Record Modernization Program.”
Balakrishnan Spoke at Space Tech 2021
photo, Asha Balakrishnan Asha Balakrishnan spoke on an Explorers Panel Discussion at Space Tech 2021, an annual event hosted by the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The online event was held April 14, 2021.
Researchers Published in Defense Acquisition
Defense Acquisition publication P.M. Picucci, Robert Angevine, Max Roberts, and Dave Sparrow co-authored “Characterizing Defense Innovation,” published in the March-April issue of Defense Acquisition.
McFeely Spoke at NYU Graduate School
Defense Acquisition publication Tara McFeely guest-lectured at New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science on March 27, 2021. Her remarks, “Congress and the Role and Function of Intelligence,” drew from her experience working in the legislative branch and national security.
Fischerkeller and His Work Cited in Journal of Applied Security Research
photo, Michael Fischerkeller Michael Fischerkeller is mentioned multiple times in “'Madman Theory’ or ‘Persistent Engagement’? The Coherence of US Cyber Strategy under Trump.” In describing the intellectual origins of persistent engagement, the article’s author, Joe Devanny, names Michael as among the “prominent academic and policy-research advocates of persistent engagement theory” who have “close professional associations” with the U.S. Cyber Command, the National Security Agency, and other DoD-affiliated organizations. The author also cites an Orbis article that Michael coauthored with Richard Harknett of the University of Cincinnati, “Deterrence Is Not a Credible Strategy for Cyberspace.”
Simon Spoke on COVID Panel
Ian Simon spoke on a virtual panel, “Communities of Color & the COVID Vaccine: Understanding and Accessing Vaccination.” This panel was hosted by an informal coalition of African-American churches in DC. It was held Saturday, March 13, 2021, and was broadcast on Facebook Live @walkerbaptistdc.

Greenwood, Heuring, and Wahlman Article in Joint Force Quarterly
Thomas Greenwood, Terry Heuring, and Alec Wahlman coauthored “The ‘Next Training Revolution’: Readying the Joint Force for Great Power Competition and Conflict,” which was published in the Joint Force Quarterly. The article examines ways the Joint Force could enhance all-domain training, experimentation, and exercises in an era of great power competition.
Simon Spoke at Two COVID Events
photo, Ian Simon Ian Simon recently spoke at two COVID events. The first, “Should I Take the Vaccine?” was a Q&A discussion hosted by the AntiRacism Coalition of Washington, DC. The event was held Tuesday, March 2, 2021. The second event was a virtual panel, “What Matters to Us: A Lens on Overall Health & Wellness–Fighting COVID-19.” The panel occurred Wednesday, March 3, 2021, and was part of the Multicultural Womxn’s Conference 2021.
Wong Discussed Wargaming on Government Matters
photo, Yuna Wong Yuna Wong appeared on Government Matters on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. During the interview, she addressed four major questions the Department of Defense should ask before implementing a new wargaming initiative.
Recording Available of Peña’s Remarks at FLC Webinar
photo, Venessa Peña Vanessa Peña presented “Opportunities to Advance Department of Defense Technology Transfer With Partnership Intermediary Agreements” during an online event hosted by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer. A recording is available of the event, which occurred on February 3, 2021.
Levine Spoke on Legislative Panel at BENS’s Forum
photo, Peter Levine Peter Levine spoke on the need for defense business reform in an era of tight budgets during a public forum hosted by BENS on the 20th anniversary of the organization’s Tail-to-Tooth Commission. The panel occurred Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Other speakers at the forum included former Secretaries of Defense Ashton Carter, Mark Esper, and Leon Panetta, and former Deputy Secretaries Robert Work and Gordon England.
Wong, Heath Discuss DoD’s Progress on Wargaming in War on the Rocks
photo, Yuna Wong and Garrett Heath Yuna Wong and Garrett Heath co-authored “Is the Department of Defense Making Enough Progress in Wargaming?” in War on the Rocks.
Wong Piece on Wargaming Posted in Modern War Institute
photo, Yuna Wong Yuna Wong wrote “Going Virtual: Wargaming in an Era of Telework, Travel Restrictions, and Social Distancing,” which appeared in Modern War Institute.
Balakrishnan Appointed to ACCRES Advisory Committee
photo, Asha Balakrishnan Asha Balakrishnan will serve on NOAA’s Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing (ACCRES) for the next two years. ACCRES evaluates economic, technological, and institutional developments relating to commercial remote sensing and recommends promising new ideas and approaches for Federal policies and programs to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere.
Cazares Discussed Nonlethal Weapon System Model during Webinar
photo, Shelley Cazares Shelley Cazares spoke during a webinar, “Active Denial Technology Computational Human Effects End-to-End Hypermodel (ADT CHEETEH),” describing a computational model that IDA created for the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office. The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) is hosted the webinar on Wednesday, February 10, 2021.
Peña Spoke at FLC Webinar
photo, Venessa Peña Vanessa Peña presented “Opportunities to Advance Department of Defense Technology Transfer With Partnership Intermediary Agreements” on February 3, 2021. The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) hosted the event.
Eliezer Publication Finalist for 2020 Research Award
photo, Dina Eliezer Dina Eliezer coauthored “Sexual Assault Experiences Vary for Active Duty Military Women Depending on their Relationship to the Perpetrator,” a Journal of Family Violence article that was selected as a finalist for the Barbara Thompson Excellence in Research on Military and Veteran Families Award. Other coauthors included Aubrey Hilbert (Booz Allen Hamilton), Lisa Davis (DoD), Kimberly Hylton (Fors Marsh Group), William Klauberg (Fors Marsh Group), Maia Hurley (DoD), Zachary Gitlin (Booz Allen Hamilton), Karmon Dyches (DoD), and Nathan Galbreath (DoD).
Miller Honored with 2021 Levchin Prize
Victor Miller and University of Washington Professor Neal Koblitz were awarded the 2021 Levchin prize at the Real World Cryptography Conference for their independent discovery of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in 1985.
Crane Spoke at Webinar on Economics and Space
photo, Keith Crane Keith Crane spoke at the webinar: “The Great Game of Economics Afoot in Space.” NewSpace New Mexico hosted the webinar to support their report “US Space Policies for the New Space Age: Competing on the Final Economic Frontier,” sponsored by the U.S. Space Force, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Defense Innovation Unit. The webinar was held on January 14, 2021.
Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation Features IDA Research
The 13th issue of DoD’s “Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation,” released in December, includes “Analysis of a Salary-Based Pay System for the Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation,” written by a team of IDA researchers led by Nancy Huff.
Odell Featured in University of Minnesota Alumni Magazine
photo, Laura Odell Laura Odell was featured in the University of Minnesota alumni magazine. The article, “Fierce and Fabulous Mentor,” highlights Laura’s contributions as an electrical engineer in the defense industry and as a mentor to others.
Burchard Discusses Election Violence in Podcast
photo, Stephanie Burchard Stephanie Burchard and University of Chicago’s Austin Wright discussed election violence in a Neither Free Nor Fair podcast by Political Economy Forum.
Rieksts, Guerrera Spoke at MORS Forum
Brian Rieksts and Kristen Guerrera Brian Rieksts and Kristen Guerrera presented “Options to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Assessment of Defense Acquisition Programs” at the Military Operations Research Symposium (MORS) 2020 Emerging Techniques Forum. The online presentation was held on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.
Alberts Gives Keynote during NATO Webinar
photo, David Alberts David Alberts presented the keynote speech at the NATO C2COE C2 Webinar 2020: “Multi-Domain Operations: Keys to Master Complexity,” which was held on November 10.
Lockwood Presented FIFE to West Point Faculty, Researchers
photo, Julie Lockwood Julie Lockwood presented the Finite-Interval Forecasting Engine (FIFE) and its application to military personnel attrition (the Retention Prediction Model) in a virtual seminar to West Point economics faculty and researchers at the Army’s Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis. FIFE is a flexible attrition forecasting toolkit that implements survival analysis using machine learning.
Burchard Spoke at Workshop on “The Pursuit of Peaceful Polling”
photo, Stephanie Burchard Stephanie Burchard was among the speakers at the Folke Bernadotte Academy’s workshop on “The Pursuit of Peaceful Polling.” The virtual event was held December 7-8, 2020. Stephanie discussed the role of institutional trust in preventing or enabling electoral violence in Africa.
Simpson Talks “Network Defense”
photo, Randy Simpson Randy Simpson spoke on “Network Defense in an End-to-End Paradigm” at the 9th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications. His talk was held on November 21, 2020, the first day of the conference. Randy co-authored the conference paper with Kevin Foltz.
Africa Watch COVID-19 Edition
photo, Dorina Bekoe (left) and Sarah Daly (right) COVID-19 has had a unique impact in African countries. In this special edition of Africa Watch—COVID-19, IDA researchers Dorina Bekoe and Sarah Daly join Elissa Miller (formerly of IDA) in examining the impact of the coronavirus in Kenya, in terms of pandemic restrictions and the resilience of institutions.
Corbin Served on SpaceVision Panel
Space Vision 2020 Ben Corbin spoke on the Space Relays, Debris, and Traffic panel at the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space’s annual SpaceVision conference. Ben is an alumni of the program, having led chapters at the University of Central Florida and Massachusetts Institute of Technology while in college. The panel occurred on Sunday, November 8, 2020.
Balakrishnan Spoke at ASME Conference
Asha Balakrishnan spoke at a Manufacturing Policy Forum at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) hosted the online event, which occurred on November 18, 2020.
Rosenberg Introduced Event on the Cuban Missile Crisis
David Rosenberg introduced the virtual program “Inside the Cuban Missile Crisis: How an American Submarine in the Mediterranean Played Its Part.” The program, a collaboration of Smithsonian Associates and the Naval Submarine League, was held on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.
Zuckerman Participated on Panel
Photo, Dr Brian L. Zuckerman, Adjunct RSM | STPI Brian Zuckerman participated alongside panelists from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and NASA in an October 27 panel at the 2020 American Evaluation Association meeting entitled, “Drivers and Barriers to the Use of Evaluation Results.”
Medical Study Cites ktrain
Arun Maiya Using ktrain, a machine learning library developed by IDA’s Arun Maiya, medical researchers in Australia trained a model to predict Emergency Room (ER) patient disposition using 9 years of ER triage notes and achieved accuracy scores close to that of human experts. The study, “Advanced Natural Language Processing Technique to Predict Patient Disposition Based on Emergency Triage Notes” is published in Emergency Medicine Australasia.
Fischerkeller Published in Asia Policy
Michael Fischerkeller wrote “Opportunity Seldom Knocks Twice: Influencing China’s Trajectory via Defend Forward and Persistent Engagement in Cyberspace,” an article published in Asia Policy.
Warden Wrote Article on Conventional-Nuclear Integration
John Warden wrote “Conventional-Nuclear Integration in the Next National Defense Strategy,” which is part of Center for a New American Security’s commentary series on the tough issues that the next defense strategy should tackle.
Greenwood Published in Marine Corps Gazette
Tom Greenwood wrote “Winning Battles Will Not Be Enough in a Great Power Conflict,” published in the November issue of Marine Corps Gazette.
Balakrishnan Spoke on Space Security
Asha Balakrishnan was among the speakers at “Seeing Space Security: The role of space situational awareness for verification of future space arms control,” a two-hour discussion hosted by Secure World Foundation and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. The online event occurred on November 10, 2020.
Cazares, Holzer, Parrish Talk Artificial Intelligence in War of the Rocks
In War on the Rocks, Shelley Cazares, Jenny Holzer, and Emily Parrish discuss how artificial intelligence could have helped defend America against adversarial attacks on Twitter in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, allowing a human intelligence analyst to easily track changes in the adversary’s online tactics over time. The researchers are also featured in a recent IDA Ideas podcast, hosted by Rhett Moeller.
Bashai Spoke on Panel at African Strategic Forum
Linda Bashai served as a panelist on Post-Revolution Sudanese Security Sector Reform and Social Transformation. The event was part of The African Strategic Forum, hosted by The Institute of World Politics. The panel addressed what steps will increase the likelihood of a successful transition and reformed security sector in Sudan. The virtual event was held Friday, October 30, 2020.
Garibaldi Speaks on AI Panel
Skip Garibaldi served on a Mathematical Foundations for Trusted AI panel in a two-day event hosted by Sandia National Laboratories. Skip shared his perspectives on the current state of the art in this quickly evolving field. Other panelists on this topic included Anna Gilbert, Professor at Yale University; Karen Willcox, Director at University of Texas; Rebecca Willett, Professor at University of Chicago; and Chris Wood, Vice President at Santa Fe Institute. The meeting occurred on Tuesday, October 20.
Chu Spoke on Panel at Government Performance Summit
Photo, Dr David S C Chu Former IDA President David Chu spoke on a panel, “Managing Transformation in the DoD.” Other panelists include Linda Cavalluzzo from the Center for Naval Analyses, and Jack Riley from the RAND Corporation. The online panel, held Tuesday, September 29, is part of the Government Performance Summit.
Fischerkeller Contributes to Policy Roundtable
Photo of Michael Fischerkeller IDA’s Michael Fischerkeller and Richard Harknett, professor at University of Cincinnati, wrote “Cyber Persistence, Intelligence Contests, and Strategic Competition,” published in the Texas National Security Review. The article was among six that were part of a policy roundtable: Cyber Conflict as an Intelligence Contest.
Researchers Speak at “Water and Energy for Food” Event
Photo of three IDA researchers STPI researchers (pictured left to right) Keith Crane, Emma Thrift, and Brian Zuckerman gave a virtual presentation of findings from Powering Agriculture: Summative Evaluation on September 10. Powering Agriculture: A Grand Challenge for Development was a partnership of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the governments of Sweden and Germany, and others to promote renewable energy innovations to increase agricultural incomes in developing countries. The presentation was part of a conference kicking off a new USAID Grand Challenge for Development, Water and Energy for Food.
Levine Discusses Defense Management Reform in CNAS’ Event
Photo of Peter Levine Peter Levine discussed his book “Defense Management Reform: How to Make the Pentagon Work Better and Cost Less” in a virtual conversation with former Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work and CNAS Defense Program Director Susanna Blume on Wednesday, September 16.
Garibaldi Spoke on “Uncovering Lottery Shenanigans”
Photo of Skip Garibaldi Skip Garibaldi gave a virtual, public lecture on “Uncovering Lottery Shenanigans,” focusing on individuals who have won hundreds of big, lottery prizes. The online event, sponsored by Brown University’s Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), was held on Tuesday, September 22.
IDA Model Nominated for MORS Award
Tom Wallace presented IGNITE, a logistics model, at the MORS 2020 Symposium held online this summer. Tom developed IGNITE with fellow IDA researchers Eli Alster and Jim Kotary. The model was selected as the best in its working group and nominated for the Barchi Prize, an award that recognizes the best paper given at the MORS Symposium. The winner of the top award will be announced June 2021.
Wahlman Published on Modern War Institute’s Website
Alec Wahlman wrote “When the Campaign Meets the City: Urban Battles and the Operational Level of War,” published on the Modern War Institute’s website. The article describes the linkages between urban battles and larger campaigns they nest within.
Odell Receives SWE’s 2020 Spark Award
Laura Odell, an electrical engineer, received a 2020 Spark Award from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) for her contributions to the advancement of engineers and women. She is recognized for her demonstrated leadership and initiative through recruiting, mentoring, coaching, and advocating for a growing and inclusive team of researchers and project leaders across IDA.
Lal Spoke on Panel at the Humans to Mars Summit
photo, Bhavya Lal On Tuesday, September 1, Bhavya Lal gave a talk on policy issues in space nuclear power during a panel discussion on Surface Power on The Moon and Mars. The panel was part of the annual Humans to Mars Summit, which was held virtually this year.
Donnelly Discussed Wargames at Georgetown University Event
Hank Donnelly discussed the use of logistics in wargames and various design approaches in an online event hosted by Georgetown University Wargaming Society on September 1.
Levine and Former IDA President David Chu Spoke in Webinar
Senior Fellow Peter Levine and Former IDA President David Chu discussed Peter’s book on Defense Management Reform in an August 4 webinar hosted by the Economics of National Security Association and CNA.
Social Distancing at College Sport Venues? There’s an App for That
IDA Adjunct Research Staff Member Scott Nestler was featured in an online article on the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Scott teamed with academic colleague Seth Berry and graduate business student Joe Jenkins to develop a cloud-based tool that will help venues plan for optimal seating configurations that align with social distancing.
Savage’s Article in Modern War Institute at West Point
IDA Research Associate Patrick Savage wrote “What if It Doesn’t End Quickly? Reconsidering US Preparedness for Protracted Conventional War,” an online article published by Modern War Institute at West Point.
Lal Spoke at Aerospace Corporation’s “Space Policy Show” Webinar
photo, Bhavya Lal Science and Technology Policy Institute’s Bhavya Lal joined Aerospace’s next Space Policy Show webinar on July 23, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. The topic was “What is Planetary Protection and Why Should We Care.” To learn more, go to the event’s website.
Video: Schwartz Receives Honor from Air Force Academy
The Air Force Academy recognized IDA President Norty Schwartz as one of five 2019 Distinguished Graduates. Watch video of Norty sharing his story of what led him to the Air Force Academy, his experiences as a cadet, and his notable career built around public service.
Myers Appointed to George Mason University Foundation Board
Information Technology and Systems Division Director Margaret Myers was recently appointed to the George Mason University Foundation Volunteer Board of Trustees.
Lal Discusses Trillion-Dollar Space Economy on Podcast
photo, Bhavya Lal In an appearance on Planetary Radio, Science and Technology Policy Institute’s Bhavya Lal discussed the size of the space economy, where it's going, and how the term itself can mean many different things to many different people. Planetary Radio is a production of the Planetary Society, a non-governmental, nonprofit foundation (founded by Carl Sagan) that conducts research, public outreach, and advocacy for engineering projects related to astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration.
Fischerkeller Commentary in War on the Rocks
Information Technology and Systems Division’s Michael Fischerkeller wrote a commentary in War on the Rocks about how the strategic choice of the fait accompli aligns with the structural imperative and strategic incentives identified by cyber persistence theory, which has been operationalized as a strategy of persistent engagement.
Researchers’ Work Runner Up for ISCRAM’s Best Paper
Strategy, Forces and Resources Division’s Deena Disraelly(left) and Operational Evaluation Division’s Laura Itle(right) received recognition for a paper they co-authored with Brig. Gen. Christopher Walker, West Virginia Air National Guard. The paper, “Providing Reliable Assistance Faster: Secure, Modern, Mission-Capable Credentialing to Support Disaster Operations,” was chosen as a runner up for the Best Practitioner/Insight Paper Award for the ISCRAM 2020 conference.
IDA Researchers Published in War on the Rocks
War on the Rocks - THE PENTAGON SHOULD TRAIN FOR — AND NOT JUST TALK ABOUT — GREAT-POWER COMPETITION In War on the Rocks, Joint Advanced Warfighting Division’s Tom Greenwood and Owen Daniels explain that if the United States is to be truly prepared for great-power competition with China and Russia, its forces need to train as they expect to operate in theater.
Marwick Honored with “40 Under 40” Award
Photo, Dr. Miriam Marwick of the System Evaluation Division AFCEA named System Evaluation Division’s Miriam Marwick among the “40 Under 40” award winners for 2020. The award is given to 40 individuals ages 40 and under for their significant contributions in a technical science, technology, engineering, and mathematics field by providing innovation, thought leadership, and support to their client or organizations using information technology.
Thorne to Serve on AIAA Committee
Jim Thorne The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) nominated and elected System Evaluation Division’s Jim Thorne to serve on the AIAA Astrodynamics Technical Committee after he was named an “Outstanding Reviewer” by the editors of their academic journals on space technology.
Researcher Interviewed on Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges
MarylandToday interviewed Information Technology and Systems Division Adjunct Researcher David Mussington about healthcare cybersecurity challenges. David is also a professor of the practice and director of the Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.
Researcher Receives Technology Award for Cryptography
IDA Center for Communications Research–Princeton researcher Victor Miller and University of Washington Professor Neal Koblitz won the 2020 Eduard Rhein Technology Award for their invention of elliptic-curve cryptography. The official presentation of the awards will take place in the Hall of Fame of the Deutsches Museum in Munich on November 21, 2020.
Researcher Appointed to National Academy of Science Committee
photo, Bhavya Lal Science and Technology Policy Institute Researcher Bhavya Lal was appointed to the National Academy of Science’s (NAS) Committee on Space Nuclear Propulsion Technologies. NASA requested that NAS examine the primary technical and programmatic challenges, merits, and risks for developing and demonstrating space nuclear propulsion technologies of interest to future exploration missions.
IDA Researcher Published in Joint Force Quarterly
Joe Buontempo and former National Security Fellow Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Ringer (USAF) authored “Airbase Defense Falls Between the Cracks,” which appeared in Joint Force Quarterly. The article considers two types of threats that could pose a serious challenge to airbases in the near future: direct and indirect attacks by adversary special operators, and theater ballistic and cruise missile attacks.
Two Papers Published in Defense Acquisition Research Journal
Stanley Horowitz (left) and Bruce Harmon (right) shed light on ways to improve defense acquisition cost estimates in their article, “Inflation and Price Escalation Adjustments in Estimating Program Costs: F-35 Case Study.” They use the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program to demonstrate the effects of using different price indexes in estimating costs. In another article, “Software Productivity Trends and Issues,” David Tate uses defense software supply, demand, and productivity data to assess bottlenecks in meeting demand for software-implemented features in defense weapon systems.
IDA Researchers Published in Joint Force Quarterly
Matthew Hallex (left) and Travis Cottom (right) wrote an article, “Proliferated Commercial Satellite Constellations: Implications for National Security,” that provides an overview of the ongoing development of rapidly increasing commercial satellite systems in the United States and abroad. It also outlines implications of these developments for space security, military operations, and cybersecurity.
Researchers Published in Parameters
IDA’s Ashley Neese-Bybee and Paul Clarke joined another researcher Alex Noyes to write a paper, “Defense Institution Building in Africa,” that discusses the tools and processes for developing successful defense institution building efforts in low-capacity, high-threat African states.
Spotlight on IDA Researcher
Penn State University recently featured Operational Evaluation Division’s Laura Itle in a Spotlight. Laura, who earned a PhD in chemical engineering from the university, talked about what she does to protect the United States from terrorism, a recent prestigious award her team received for their work, and fond memories of her days as a graduate student.
IDA Researcher Offers a Management Reform Agenda in War on the Rocks
In a March 19 article in War on the Rocks, SFRD’s Peter Levine offers specific recommendations for eight areas of management reform in which concrete improvements to DoD organization, policies, and practices could yield significant dividends for the Department.
Research Summary on Modeling the Coronavirus
IDA researchers updated existing contagious disease modeling capabilities with early data from the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to produce preliminary models of this emerging infectious disease. Read about it in the latest issue of IDA Research Summary, “New Models for a New Disease: Simulating the 2019 Novel Coronavirus” by Robert Cubeta, Catherine Schuster, and Stewart Smith of SFRD.
Research Summary on Rapid Contagious Disease Modeling
IDA researchers have developed contagious disease modeling capabilities that can be updated quickly to support civilian and military national security decision makers. This is critical as they plan, evaluate, and respond to emerging infectious disease outbreaks that have the potential to spread globally. Read the Research Summary for more.
IDA Researcher Published in War on the Rocks
Joint Advanced Warfighting Division’s researcher Robert Angevine’s commentary, “Time to Revive Joint Concept Development and Experimentation,” appeared on January 23 in War on the Rocks.”
Watch Video of IDA Researcher on “Uncovering Lottery Shenanigans”
On January 17, Center for Communications and Computing’s Skip Garibaldi gave a talk on, "Uncovering Lottery Shenanigans" at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver, Colorado.
IDA Researcher Co-Authors Paper, “Limiting North Korea’s Coercive Nuclear Leverage”
Strategy, Forces and Research Division’s John Warden and Jina Kim from the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses co-authored a paper, “Limiting North Korea’s Coercive Nuclear Leverage.” The paper was published in Survival: Global Politics and Strategy.