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Science and Technology Division

Portrait of Leonard Buckley

Leonard Buckley

The Science and Technology Division (STD) provides clear and objective analysis to our sponsors on science and technology issues related to national security. STD scientists and engineers offer insight into technology trends and the impact of scientific advances on national security missions by bringing rigor to scientific assessments and by providing independent perspectives on technology risks and mitigation strategies. Our research strategy is:

  • Help define and bound our sponsors’ scientific issue.
  • Develop a solution space for what is physically possible to help guide our sponsor's efforts.

As technology advances, so does the Division's core strengths, which include:

  • Electromagnetics and the physics of sensing at all wavelengths
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Quantum Science
  • IED Detection and Sensor Algorithms
  • Hypersonic Materials
  • Engineering Biology
  • Behavioral Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Human-Machine Interactions

STD also manages DoD’s Defense Science Studies Group to strengthen connections between the federal government and relevant science and technology communities in academia. The DSSG introduces leading, recently tenured faculty to security challenges and related technology problems.

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