SFRD in Action

ATI Handover Helicopter, US Military

Multinational Defense Collaborations

SFRD team members collaborate with multinational organizations to plan and execute live operational and medical exercises.

CBRN Focus Areas

CBRN research within SFRD expands beyond the DoD and International Community to include emergency management, public health, homeland security, and intelligence .

CBRN Focus Area
SFRD exercising decontamination operations

Live Exercise Support

SFRD in Action: Team members exercising decontamination operations

Defense Institution Building Locations

The Defense Institution Building program has more than 70 staff members supporting projects in 20 countries.

map of Defense Institution building locations
Staff members visit Army combat units

Examining Simulation Training

Staff members visit Army combat units to document training, training facilities, and utilization.

Colombian Logistics Delegation Visit

SFRD hosted the first Colombian Logistics Delegation visit to Washington D.C. as part of the Defense Institution Building program.