W. Y. Smith Award for Excellence

W.Y. Smith Award for Excellence

The 2023 W. Y. Smith Award recipients are Jackie Evans, Linda Garlet, Cary Dier, Sarah Berry and Erika Tildon. Named in honor of General William Y. Smith, who led IDA from late 1985 through late 1990, the award recognizes extraordinary individual or group contributions to IDA. The award is typically given to non-research exempt staff members who contribute mightily to our success. This year, an exception was made to acknowledge the exceptional work of the cross-divisional team composed of exempt and non-exempt staff.

Jackie, Linda, Cary, Sarah and Erika played pivotal roles in producing IDA's self-assessment inputs for the DOD comprehensive review of SAC. Their behind-the-scenes work formed the bedrock upon which our future five years of remarkable research accomplishments will stand. They coordinated with others at IDA to deliver the largest and most detailed self-assessment in IDA's history, comprising an impressive 340 pages along with an additional 90 pages of appendices.

A successful comprehensive review is required to renew the SAC contract. The recent self-assessment was by far the most comprehensive and ambitious undertaking of its kind ever attempted by IDA. The final document was longer, graphically more intensive, editorially more complex, and generally more professional-looking than prior IDA self-assessments. The team was responsive to tight deadlines throughout, at times working through the weekends. It was an exceptional effort by a highly competent and dedicated team.

The team’s contributions were indispensable to the success of IDA's self-assessment for this comprehensive review. Their efforts illustrate the kind of cross-organizational collaboration that underpins our best products in support of IDA’s mission.

It is with great pride that we recognize the tremendous accomplishments of Jackie, Linda, Cary, Sarah and Erika with the 2023 W. Y. Smith Award.