Nurith Berstein-Rosales

Nurith Berstein-Rosales is the Director, Research Programs for IDA. Nurith is the lead official responsible for managing the day-to-day relationship with the primary sponsor of the Systems and Analyses Center (SAC), a Federally Funded Research and Development Center in for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Sustainment). Nurith is responsible for overseeing SAC’s Staff Years of Technical Effort (STE) ceiling, allocating STE across SAC’s research divisions, monitoring and assessing project development activities and developing metrics and trends to monitor the status of IDA’s research program.

Nurith joined IDA in 2010 with expertise in management and finance as well as in business process improvement. As part of the operations office, Nurith developed new automated systems and tools focused on enhancing research program activities, including in the area of execution. She also focused on solidifying working relationships with SAC’s primary sponsor and led the preparation of input materials to government offices, including periodic sponsor performance surveys.

Prior to joining IDA, Nurith was Director of Operations and Planning at the National Research Division and National Research Institute FFRDC at the RAND Corporation. She also has experience as Evaluation Research Associate at the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development in Canada. She also worked in areas of finance at the Heritage Scholarship Trust Foundation in Toronto, Canada, and was co-founder of a private real estate management firm.

Nurith holds a master’s degree in public administration from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Boston University. She also completed executive training at the University of Cambridge, UK. Nurith was the recipient of the RAND Corporation’s 2009 President’s Award and was awarded the Simmons Memorial Scholarship at Boston University.