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Why Is Sustainment Challenging?

End-to-end sustainment modeling requires comprehensive and accurate sustainment data
Why is maintaining readiness a persistent challenge for weapon systems? A holistic view of the entire sustainment enterprise is necessary to capture all of the intricacies and nuances that keep these systems working. Unfortunately, no single person or organization in the DOD has an end-to-end picture of the sustainment system, which can inadvertently lead to less advantageous decision-making.

There is no single point of oversight for all sustainment-related data in the DOD
Access to data is often limited, databases are stovepiped, and some organizations are reluctant to share information. Even knowledge is often compartmentalized: databases occasionally have incomplete documentation, and information tends to remain within specific groups. Having the data is not enough; accurate interpretation is essential.

How Do We Support DOD Sustainment?

IDA takes a comprehensive simulation-driven approach to map out all aspects of sustainment and their effects on readiness outcomes. Our tools allow us to answer materiel readiness questions ranging from the tactical to the strategic. We focus on supporting the branches of the military directly, with an emphasis on working-level engagement. Learn More