Portrait of Dr. Margaret Myers
Margaret Myers
The Information Technology and Systems Division (ITSD) focuses on cybersecurity and other cyberspace challenges of national and global significance, including information technologies such as artificial intelligence, communications, and microelectronics. ITSD approaches the growing cyber threat from the perspectives of operations and business, technology and systems, and policy and law, with a particular emphasis on where and how these perspectives intersect. ITSD works across these intersections (cyber in the seams) to address the evolution of cyber as a national security function.

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Today, the U.S. faces more, better-financed adversaries, who use emerging technologies and processes to gain advantage. This has transformed cyber into a top-line national security function. The Division supports DoD and other government agencies in anticipating and combating these threats and supporting U.S. interests in cyberspace. These increasingly whole-of-government activities include the related acquisition, organizational, human capital, and management challenges.

Continuing to build on its information technology roots, ITSD tracks emerging commercial technologies to help our sponsors avoid technological surprises. We consider the potential impact of these technologies on warfighting and business operations, and the implications for the policies and laws underlying the Department’s operational missions.

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