President's Award Archive

Norty Schwartz

The IDA President’s Award for Excellence recognizes sustained superior performance by a non-research staff member over a significant period of time that contributes significantly to IDA’s success.

Below is a list of past recipients.


  • 2020 Jennifer Cherry, SEC
  • 2019 Krista Cloutier, CCRL
  • 2018 Dolly Watkins, Finance, and Amberlee Mabe-Stanberry, SFRD
  • 2017 Marco Quiroga, IT/SEC
  • 2016 Katie Gliwa, STD
  • 2015 Leslie Norris, SFRD
  • 2014 Toni Crow, SED
  • 2013 William (Paul) Price, CCS
  • 2012 Jay Giles, ADMIN, and Marquette Cooper, ADMIN
  • 2011 Robert Blackwell, ADMIN
  • 2010 Timothy Freeman, HR
  • 2009 Scott Gannon, CSG
  • 2008 Zelma Cameron, SED and Janet Park, CARD
  • 2007  Lynda J. Lacey, SED and Jeannette (Jennifer) Padgett, STD
  • 2006  Deborah Ewert, OED and Yolanda Prescott, SED
  • 2005  Aundra M. Campbell, JAWP and Erika T. Tildon, STD
  • 2004  Sandra Phillips, OED and Gregory Wellington, SCIF
  • 2003  Barbara Collins (OED) and Clara Singleton (C&D)
  • 2002  Patricia Hatter (SED) and Adrian Stewart (Finance)
  • 2001  Janice K. Hirst (Human Resources) and Rowland Simmons (Security)
  • 2000  Burnette (Bernie) Aylor (SF&RD) and Dean Dooley (Comp. Services)
  • 1999  Sandra K. Bond (STD) and Martha Lynn Welch (PSO)
  • 1998  Carolyn A. Akin (Security) and Gerald A. Steeman (TISO)
  • 1997  Steven J. Austin (Computer Services) and Adrian Stewart (Purchasing)
  • 1996  Dianna (“Dina”) Gregory (STD) and Amy Cranford (PSO)
  • 1995  James Jackson (Admin. Services), Peggy White (Facilities Administrator), and SRC Facilities Staff (as a team); Kenneth Adams, John Donovan, Steven Douglas, Donald Long & Jerry Palla
  • 1994  Nathan P. Douglas (Admin. Services) and Rose Mary Ferguson (OED
  • 1993  Rhonda Cook (Personnel), Robert K. Thomson (CCR-P), and Sharon Tilman (SED)
  • 1992  Paul J. Bublitz (SRC), Jeff Capan (Computer Services), Tyrone Tutson (Computer Services), and Betty Pinna (CSED)
  • 1991  Donna Banks (SF&RD), Janet Smith (Personnel)