President's Award for Excellence

President's Award for Excellence

2022 President’s Award for Excellence

Allison Taylor is the recipient of the 2022 President’s Award for Excellence. This award recognizes superior performance by a non-exempt staff member who contributes significantly to IDA’s success.

Allison has been an important part of IDA, particularly during the last eight years during which she has served as executive assistant to the president. She’s almost always the first point of interaction for the office. Allison is mission-oriented and has a keen instinct for the heart of any matter at hand. In all interactions, she deals gracefully with everyone concerned, and she is discreet in managing sensitive matters. Our special events — colloquia, panels, award ceremonies, recognition luncheons, farewell dinners, board meetings — capitalize on Allison’s organizational excellence.

Allison also serves as assistant corporate secretary. In this capacity, she has shared responsibility for the many administrative details associated with our board meetings, ranging from organizing and distributing board presentations to managing related board events. She continues to take on new responsibilities and discharge them expertly. She now contributes to developing our board minutes, helping build the history of our most important corporate deliberations and initiatives.

In addition to her formal role, Allison has also become a talented research assistant. She helped senior leaders produce a required response to the Government Accountability Office, a report of considerable legislative significance. Her work helped them meet a very tight deadline. She has also helped senior leaders with formal research that was later published.