President's Award for Excellence

Krista Cloutier, President's Award recipient

2019 President’s Award for Excellence

Krista Cloutier is the winner of the 2019 President’s Award for Excellence. This award recognizes superior performance by a non-exempt staff member who contributes significantly to IDA’s success.

Krista joined Center for Communications Research—La Jolla’s (CCRL) property management team in 2017. From the start, Krista leaned into this new role, demonstrating focus, dedication, and willingness to learn. She was initially tasked with addressing the backlogs and deficiencies in inventory and excessing of property. She reviewed the property database and hundreds of documents to ensure accuracy and eliminate discrepancies. While updating CCRL’s property records, she mastered both IDA and sponsor-driven procedures, including a new property system, Sunflower.

Thanks to Krista’s extensive research, paperwork, and coordination, CCRL excessed more than 1,500 pieces of sensitive government equipment. Rather than shipping each item individually, she coordinated for a sponsor-provided tractor-trailer, packing material, and forklift to complete the task. Through this act alone, Krista quickly completed an undertaking that would have previously taken about two years—and much more money—to accomplish.

While attending the National Property Conference in Washington, D.C., she remained in the metropolitan area to assist the Center for Computing Sciences (CCS) in Bowie, Maryland. She shared what she had learned about the Sunflower property system with her CCS colleagues and helped them with their annual inventory.

Krista’s work has tremendously benefited CCRL’s property program. She developed creative solutions to everyday tasks and shared them for the benefit of others. She exemplifies the best of IDA and the true spirit of the President’s Award. Congratulations Krista!