Research Notes Net-Centric Operations

February, 2006
Type: Research Notes
Ronald Enlow, David M. Tate, George Lukes, Edgar Johnson, Shawn C. Whetstone, Robert Rolfe See more authors

The Department of Defense has embarked on a sweeping transformation of the military to fight tomorrow’s battles as a joint force using network-centric operations. Generally, network-centric warfare is viewed in the context of improved situational awareness; speed of command; self-synchronized units; increased operational tempo; and an adaptable force. In simple terms, the output of net-centric operations is three-fold: the ability to post timely, relevant information; gain appropriate access to the information; and understand the information to make better decisions at every level of command. Command and control (C2) and networking underpin the ability to achieve this vision, and, as described in this issue of IDA Research Notes, IDA Studies and Analyses Center is making important contributions across a range of topics in this area.