COVID Lessons Learned for NATO Bio-responsiveness Capabilities

May, 2023
IDA document: D-33500
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
Julia K. Burr, Lucas A. LaViolet, Ashley L. Farris, Catherine E. Scheible, Ana M. Venegas See more authors
IDA adapted NATO’s process Medical Lessons Learned to assess COVID-19 pandemic response challenges and best practices within the framework of the NATO Smart Defence Bio-responsiveness Project. We collected observations from official NATO lessons learned repositories and documented COVID response collaboration teleconferences, and assessed these with metadata tagging and a combination of directed and conventional content analysis. IDA collated the analysis output into a prioritized set of Lessons Identified for enhancing bio-responsiveness concepts and capabilities, improving interoperability and identifying areas for standardization. The results can be used to generate a road map to improve NATO bio-responsiveness capabilities in the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Interoperability domains at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.