Considerations for the Development of an Inclusive Military Model Phase 2 Inclusion Factor Findings – DOD Command Climate Assessment Summit July 24, 2019

July, 2019
IDA document: D-10776
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents , Human Capital
Division: Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
Caroline R. Earle See more authors

This briefing was prepared for the Office of People Analytics (OUSD(P&R)) — sponsored Command Climate Assessment Summit held on 24 July 2019. It summarizes IDA research sponsored by the Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (OUSD P&R). The briefing conveys IDA findings, drawn from IDA Paper NS-P-9232, Understanding a Climate for Inclusion: Phase 2 Workshop Findings and Model Refinement, (August 2018), on key factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of an organizational unit level climate for inclusion. These findings were informed by a broadly scoped literature review and engagement with subject matter experts. The briefing also compares the Climate for Inclusion factors to items in the current DEOCS Command Climate Survey, and poses a set of discussion questions as to how the DEOCS could better reflect inclusion climate.