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Photo, Dr Ryan Garibaldi, Director, CCRL | CCRL

Dr. Skip Garibaldi

The Center for Communications Research-La Jolla (CCRL) performs fundamental research in support of the National Security Agency's mission.  Our work ranges from broad mathematical investigations reflected in research papers to writing code. The research environment is distinctive in encouraging close collaboration, multidisciplinary teams, tight coupling between theory and practice, and active collaborations with the other two IDA centers located in Princeton, NJ and Bowie, MD

CCRL was founded in 1989 in La Jolla, California, a hilly, seaside town within the city of San Diego, and has been growing ever since. It now employs many PhD mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists working on problems in cryptography, cryptanalysis, machine learning, high-performance computing, and network security, as well as related areas of pure and applied mathematics. The list of problem areas we attack gives no real hint as to the very wide diversity of mathematical approaches that we employ; virtually every branch of pure and applied mathematics has proved to be useful in these efforts.

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