Wayne Raskind, Begins role as Director of CCR-P

The Communications Research Division of IDA was founded in 1959 in Princeton, New Jersey, to apply mathematical expertise to research in cryptology. In 1989 its name was changed to Center for Communications Research (CCR-P), and a second Center was opened in La Jolla, California (CCR-L).

The two Centers employ more than 70 Ph.D. mathematicians and computer scientists, working on problems in cryptography, cryptanalysis, algorithms, high-performance computing, information processing, signal processing, and network security, as well as related areas of pure and applied mathematics. 

A surprisingly broad array of branches of the mathematical sciences have proved to be useful in this work, which is reflected in the variety of backgrounds of the researchers at these Centers. The day-to-day work is aimed at providing practical solutions to important real-world problems faced by the National Security Agency; this can range from deep mathematical investigations to writing advanced computer programs to sophisticated statistical analyses of data. The research environment is distinctive in encouraging close collaboration, multidisciplinary teams, tight coupling between theory and practice, and strong connections with the other Centers.