David S.C. Chu

The David S. C. Chu Award for Excellence in Research was named in honor of the former IDA President. The award is presented annually to a Research Associate who has made one or more outstanding analytic contributions in support of IDA’s mission.


2023 Claire Haas
2022 Janet Marroquin Pineda
2021 Julia Warshafsky
2020 David Cubeta
2019 Krista Cloutier
2018 Dolly Watkins and Amberlee Mabe-Stanberry
2017 Marco Quiroga
2016 Katie Gliwa
2015 Leslie Norris
2014 Toni Crow
2013 William Price
2012 John M. Giles and Marquette Cooper
2011 Robert Blackwell
2010 Timothy Freeman
2009 Scott Gannon
2008 Zelma Cameron and Janet S. Park