Chu Award for Research Excellence

Janet Marroquin Pineda, David S. C. Chu Award recipient

Janet Marroquin Pineda, from the Strategy, Forces and Resources Division, is the winner of the 2022 David S. C. Chu Award for Excellence in Research. The award, named in honor of the former IDA President, is presented annually to a Research Associate who has made one or more outstanding analytic contributions in support of IDA’s mission.

Janet is recognized for her impressive accomplishments as both an individual contributor and a project lead. She has exhibited skillful leadership, masterful diplomacy and expert ability to uphold quality and objectivity standards on multiple projects. She routinely develops unique methods and creative approaches to complete projects. In addition, her work is consistently well-received by sponsors. Further, Janet has become a thought leader within SFRD’s chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear portfolio. Her technical skills, analytic leadership and extensive sponsor network across the biotechnology community have been key to growing and maintaining this strategically important portfolio for IDA.

Janet reflects the outstanding qualities IDA seeks in its best researchers at all levels. She serves as a subject matter expert, provides her team with analytical guidance and transitions from individual contributor to project lead as needed.

Janet is an IDA Scholar, pursuing her doctorate in biodefense at George Mason University (GMU). She joined IDA as a Summer Associate in 2018 while working on a master’s degree in biodefense at GMU, which she completed the following year. She has a bachelor’s in speech and hearing sciences from the George Washington University.