IDA Research Notes – Welch Award 2019

November, 2019
Type: Research Notes
Erik M. Rosen and Phillip T. Koehn, Marie Talbott, Dennis F. DeRiggi, Gregory A. Davis, Margaret L. Giles, David M. Tate, Kevin E. Foltz and William R. Simpson, Wallice Y. Ao, Eleanor L. Schwartz, Justin M. Lloyd, Amrit Romana, Kevin M. Woods Thomas C. Greenwood, Thomas H. Johnson Rebecca M. Medlin, Laura J. Freeman, and James R. Simpson See more authors

The Larry D. Welch Award is named in honor of former IDA president and U.S. Air Force (USAF) Chief of Staff, General Larry D. Welch (retired). The annual award recognizes IDA researchers who exemplify General Welch’s high standards of analytic excellence through their external publication in peer-reviewed journals or other professional publications, including books and monographs. The articles in this issue of IDA Research Notes (listed below) are summaries derived from the winner and finalists in the 2019 Larry D. Welch Award competition.

  • Standardized Data Collection Helps Refine Algorithms for Detecting Buried Targets
  • Central Limit Theorem for Correlated Variables with Limited Normal or Gamma Distributions
  • Complexity in an Unexpected Place: Quantities in Selected Acquisition Reports
  • Extending CryptDB to Operate an Enterprise Resource Planning System on Encrypted Data
  • Economic Uncertainty and the 2015 National Defense Stockpile
  • Approaching Multidomain Battle through Joint Experimentation
  • Scoping a Test That Has the Wrong Objective