The Need for Higher Education in Cyber Supply Chain Security and Hardware Assurance

September, 2018
IDA document: D-9246
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Information Technology and Systems Division
Brian S. Cohen, Michelle G. Albert, Elizabeth A. McDaniel See more authors
Higher education curricula, specialized degrees, and certificate programs related to cybersecurity are proliferating in response to student demand; faculty interest and expertise; employer demand; government and industry standards and funding; and the expectations of specialized, state, or regional accrediting agencies. These expanding academic programs, however, do not adequately address supply chain threats that affect national security. The authors assert that cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM), with a focus on hardware assurance, should be considered a critical aspect of cybersecurity and be included in higher education curricula to prepare the future cyber workforce to face challenges related to supply chain and hardware security.