STPI Holds Panel on Space Traffic Management

September, 2018
IDA document: D-9284
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Research Summary/Research Insights , Documents
Sara Carioscia, Becaja M. Caldwell, Bhavya Lal, Stephen M. Ouellette See more authors
On July 30, 2018, under the auspices of the IDA Space Issues Working Group, the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI) hosted a panel discussion inspired by the release of Space Policy Directive-3 (SPD-3) of June 18, 2018, National Space Traffic Management Policy (83 Federal Register 28969). SPD-3 outlines U.S. national priorities, defines terms, and allocates roles and responsibilities for federal departments and agencies regarding space situational awareness (SSA) and space traffic management (STM).