Semiconductor Industrial Base Focus Study – Final Report

December, 2016
IDA document: D-8294
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Information Technology and Systems Division
Daniel J. Radack, Brian S. Cohen, Robert F. Leheny, Vashisht Sharma, Marko M.G. Slusarczuk See more authors
"The evolution of the global markets that produce and consume microelectronic is producing rapid changes that are rippling through the industry. These changes are affecting the long-term interests of the DoD. In particular, the leading-edge of microelectronics and microsystems technology is driven by large commercial market interests and not DoD needs. This marked shift is affecting the DoD, creating a range of positive and negative consequences. This project focused on assisting DoD in developing an understanding of defense needs for microelectronics and the industrial base that can meet these needs. This was accomplished through a series of meetings with key people within the defense contractor and the U.S. and global commercial microelectronics industry base, in which the IDA team exchanged technical insights and identified the major trends in evolving technologies and business models and relationships. Engaging with representative companies and organizations involved in microelectronics industry is a basis for developing a better understanding of the overall semiconductor business and technical landscape in areas of importance to DoD."