Roundtable Proceedings: Ways Forward for On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) of Spacecraft

July, 2018
IDA document: D-10445
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Documents
Sara A. Carioscia, Benjamin A. Corbin, Bhavya Lal See more authors
On May 31, 2018, STPI held a workshop on the challenges, next steps, and roles of government and industry in on-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacturing. The participants included representatives and subject matter experts from industry and government as well as Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, University Affiliated Research Centers, and universities. This report summarizes the discussion at the roundtable and provides an analysis of responses to a pre-roundtable questionnaire administered to all attendees. The report also offers STPI’s recommended next steps to support progress for OSAM activities.