IDA Research Notes - Focusing on the Asia-Pacific Region

February, 2007
Type: Research Notes
Wade Hinkle, Stephen Balut, Richard Porterfield, Kongdan Oh Hassig, David A. Rosenberg, Ashley Bybee, Edward Smith, Bhavya Lal, Clifford Lau See more authors

United States national security is inextricably tied to the Asia-Pacific region. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the continuing struggle against terrorism may have pushed some Asian security concerns off the nightly news, but events – North Korean nuclear tests, concerns over U.S. dependence on consumer products from China, and the outsourcing of American high-technology jobs to India, just to name a few – remind us of the importance of maintaining strong and effective partnerships in Asia. This issue of IDA Research Notes describes some IDA research programs focused on evolving U.S. strategic relationships in the Asia Pacific region.