Parameters for Estimation of Casualties from Ammonia (NH3), Tabun (GA), Soman (GD), Cyclosarin (GF), and Lewisite (L)

September, 2015
IDA document: P-5158
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
Audrey C. Kelley, Carl A. Curling See more authors
The U.S. Army Office of The Surgeon General (OTSG) tasked IDA with developing human response models for five prospective chemical agents. The models are intended to be placed in Allied Medical Publication 7.5(A) (AMedP-7.5), which will be the doctrinal replacement of Allied Medical Publication 8(C): NATO Planning Guide for the Estimation of CBRN Casualties (AMedP-8(C)), and is currently in development at IDA, also in support of OTSG.The five agents considered in this document are ammonia, tabun, soman, cyclosarin, and lewisite. For each agent, the authors propose or use existing toxicity and lethality estimates, and describe the progression of injury over time and outcome for a person who received no medical treatment. A separate model that includes the effects of medical treatment is also discussed and derived. The work described in this document is based on an extensive review of available literature, including experimental animal data, human case reports, and human disease outbreak reports.