National Guard Suicide Prevention and Resilience Innovation Framework

July, 2021
IDA document: P-22668
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents , Human Capital
Division: Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
Dina Eliezer, Ashlie M. Williams, Dave I. Cotting, Heidi C. Reutter, Rachel D. Dubin See more authors
In 2018, the National Guard Studies Program asked IDA to develop a systematic process to identify, select, and deploy evidence-based suicide prevention practices, as described in IDA's 2019 paper, P-10468, "National Guard Suicide Prevention Innovation Framework." The Warrior Resilience and Fitness (WRF) Division has since implemented the process IDA developed, through the WRF Innovation Incubator (WRFII), and asked IDA to advise and assist in deploying and refining the process. Over the past two years, IDA has provided technical assistance to ensure that selected pilot programs develop rigorous evaluation plans (11 FY19 pilots and 12 FY20 pilots), facilitated and refined the pilot program selection process for FY20 and FY21, and expanded the Compendium of SP Strategies to apply to a broader range of prevention and promotion activities, in line with WRF’s integrative approach to risk and resiliency. The current paper documents the revised WRFII process, as well as the products and tools IDA has developed to support the process.