Market Analysis of a Privately Owned and Operated Space Station

March, 2017
IDA document: P-8247
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Documents , Space
Keith W. Crane, Benjamin A. Corbin, Bhavya Lal, Reina S. Buenconsejo, Danielle Piskorz, Annalisa L. Weigel See more authors
The United States has built and operated two space stations that have provided a sustained human presence in low Earth orbit (LEO). The impending retirement of one of these space stations prompted questions about continued U.S. human presence in LEO for scientific, technological, and geopolitical reasons. This paper examines the market for services provided by private space stations in LEO and assesses whether this market is likely to generate adequate revenues to cover costs of a space station owned and operated by the private sector.