IDA Insights on Women Wargamers, Researchers and Leaders

March, 2022
IDA document: D-32994
Type: Insights
Division: Corporate Communications
Melanie E. Snyder, Emily C. Callahan, Linda S. Garlet See more authors
This issue of IDA Insights is dedicated to some of the women who work in leadership, research and other positions at IDA. Articles cover: Yuna Huh Wong's efforts to increase interest and participation of women in professional wargaming through her work at the Systems and Analyses Center; five women's thoughts on being leaders in corporate operations and in research; perseverance of female mathematicians at the Center for Communications and Computing; and five women's answers about their behind-the-scenes roles at IDA.
  • No Playing Around When It Comes to Wargaming
  • Researcher Yuna Wong is pushing for more women to enter professional wargaming as a way to bring diversity of thinking to national security planners.

  • Mavens of Mathematics
  • We talked to several women who are making their marks at the Center for Communications and Computing. Learn their thoughts on life, math and how to win in STEM.

  • Leading Women of IDA
  • Women in various leadership positions share how their visions and experiences play into the ways they operate.

  • Four Women Answer Three Questions About Their IDA Roles
  • Meet some of the women who work to keep IDA up and running behind the scenes of security, systems design and implementation, communications and accounting.