Global Trends in Civil and Commercial Space Presentation

October, 2015
IDA document: D-5682
FFRDC: Science and Technology Policy Institute
Type: Documents , Space
Bhavya Lal, Emily J. Sylak-Glassman, Nayanee Gupta See more authors
This presentation summarizes findings from a series of projects on global trends in space. Space activities, previously the exclusive realm of the United States and the Soviet Union, now include many more actors, both governmental and commercial. This growth is not new—the number of countries involved in space activities has been growing continually since the early 1960s. While there has been commercial activity in space for decades, recent years have seen growth both in the number and variety of space-related technologies and services available for purchase. STPI explored these recent changes in the space sector to understand the factors that are driving them and to identify trends.