Force Structure Assessment Model

April, 2023
IDA document: P-22799
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents , Human Capital
Division: Cost Analysis and Research Division
Jack N. Law, Astrid I. Berge, Jerome Bracken, Vivian Gao, Stanley A. Horowitz, Shaun K. McGee, George M. Prugh, Robert E. Schmidle, Nicholas A. Wagner See more authors
This paper describes Phase One of a multiphase project to develop a joint capability to comprehensively assess Reserve and Active component costs and the Force’s capacity to meet proposed demand scenarios under alternative force sizing and force management policies. DOD lacks a multiservice tool to assess how force planning decisions affect the cost of the military force, the ability of the force to meet demand, and stress on the force. In addition, DOD instructions and tools that guide force planning do not include Active-Reserve force planning in a holistic manner. To address these issues, IDA is developing a computer application called the Force Structure Assessment (FSA) Model. This model will enable Service, OSD, and Joint Staff programmers and other stakeholders to weigh the long-term cost and risk of force management alternatives.