Estimating Supply, Demand, and Base Case Shortfalls for High Purity Chromium and High Purity Vanadium for U.S. Defense and Essential Civilian Applications in Support of the Strategic and Critical Materials 2019 Report on Stockpile Requirements

August, 2019
IDA document: D-10723
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
James S. Thomason, Eliza M. Johannes, Howard R. Last, Caroline R. Earle, Julie C. Kelly See more authors
This assessment was prepared in support of the National Defense Stockpile Program’s 2019 biennial report to Congress, Strategic and Critical Materials 2019 Report on Stockpile Requirements, which estimates the demand and supply of strategic and critical materials under a statutorily mandated national emergency planning scenario. An assessment of high purity chromium and high purity vanadium (mainly in the form of vanadium-aluminum master alloys) used in applications such as gas-turbine engines was performed. The purpose of the supply chain assessment is to provide a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of the military and strategic dependence of the United States on this material.