DoD Net-Centric Services Strategy Implementation in the C2 Domain

February, 2010
IDA document: P-4549
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: System Evaluation Division , Science, Systems and Sustainment Division
This study describes an approach for implementing C2 information support capabilities as services in compliance with the DoD Net-Centric Services Strategy (NCSS). The recommended approach includes implementation and use of the following: (1) a C2 Information Sharing Framework (C2ISF) that identifies the design-time artifacts and run-time infrastructure services needed to accomplish NCSS goals; (2) a tiered organizational structure for implementing and managing C2 information services as part of an evolving Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE); (3) a C2 services CONOPS that ties together C2 service tiers, key implementation roles and actors; and (4) a high-level governance concept. In addition, as a result of examining how C2 information support capabilities are being implemented in the operating forces today, the recommended approach emphasizes the importance of enabling and encouraging edge-user agility and innovation in developing and improving C2 services while implementing the SOE.