Defense Governance and Management: Improving the Defense Management Capabilities of Foreign Defense Institutions

March, 2017
IDA document: P-5350
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Strategy, Forces and Resources Division
Martin Neill, Aaron C. Taliaferro, Mark E. Tillman, Gary D. Morgan, Wade P. Hinkle See more authors
This two part paper is intended to assist United States government representatives in advising foreign defense institutions that seek to improve their defense governance and management capabilities. By defense institutions, we mean ministries of defense and the headquarters staffs of the armed forces and/or military services as well as other national level institutions responsible to plan for and manage the development and employment of armed forces. Part one’s focus is on the conceptualization, development, and application of defense policy and strategy. Part two is a set of seminar materials provided as PowerPoint slides; some with annotated notes. These materials are for use by U.S. government representatives sent to educate or familiarize members of foreign defense institutions on the topics covered in part one. The slides are intended to be modular. Accordingly, a user is encouraged to adapt the seminar materials to the topics he or she wants to focus on and further modify based upon the audience.