DATAWorks 2022: Measuring Training Efficacy: Structural Validation of the Operational Assessment of Training Scale (OATS)

March, 2022
IDA document: D-32972
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Operational Evaluation Division
Vincent A. Lillard, Brian D. Vickers, Daniel J. Porter, Rachel A. Haga, Heather M. Wojton See more authors
Effective training of the broad set of users/operators of systems has downstream impacts on usability, workload and ultimate system performance that are related to mission success. In order to measure training effectiveness, we designed a survey called the Operational Assessment of Training Scale (OATS) in partnership with the Army Test and Evaluation Center (ATEC). We confirmed that the OATS exhibited a two-factor structure for training relevance and training efficacy. Additionally, a shortened, six-item measure of the OATS with three items per subscale continues to fit observed data well, allowing for quicker assessments of training. We discuss various ways that the OATS can be applied to one-off, multi-day, multi-event and other types of training events. This presentation was prepared for the annual DATAWorks Conference, held April 26-28, 2022.