Assessment of Graph Databases as a Viable Materiel Solution for the Army’s Dynamic Force Structure (DFS) Portal Implementation: Part 2, Technical Feasibility, Affordability, and Architecture Integration Options

June, 2017
IDA document: D-8516
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Documents
Division: Information Technology and Systems Division
Francisco L. Loaiza-Lemos, Dale Visser See more authors
This document describes an assessment of the maturity and applicability of graph database technology as a viable materiel solution that reflects the realities of legacy systems, and yet can deliver, for the planned DFS portal, effectively and efficiently the needed at-rest and in-motion force structure products. Specifically, the objective of the second deliverable is to determine the technical feasibility, affordability, and necessary architecture integration needed to include graph databases in the mix of technologies needed to support the planned Army DFS Portal. Rapid prototyping techniques have been applied, to stress the implementations of graph databases chosen for the study. Data collected during those activities will inform the determination of best-of-breed options. The assessments leverage the metrics elaborated in the initial phase of the study which have been already documented in the first deliverable.