A Strategy Aligned with the Realities of Cyberspace

November, 2021
IDA document: D-31860
FFRDC: Systems and Analyses Center
Type: Research Summary/Research Insights
Division: Information Technology and Systems Division
Michael P. Fischerkeller See more authors
The 2018 Larry D. Welch Award winner for best external publication was an Orbis article, “Deterrence Is Not a Credible Strategy for Cyberspace,” by IDA researcher Michael P. Fischerkeller and University of Cincinnati Political Science Department Head Richard J. Harknett. This summary describes the contributions the authors have made to date in shaping a realistic U.S. strategy for the domain of cyberspace. Since winning the award, the authors have gone on to publish more than a dozen peer-reviewed essays, journal articles, and book chapters on cyber strategy. Academicians, policymakers, and military observers alike seem to be listening. Fischerkeller and Harknett’s body of work has become seminal literature on the topic of cybersecurity strategy for the U.S. and its allies.