IDA in the Research Community Archives, 2022-Q2

IDA Research Staff participate actively in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Below are some recent citations of IDA Researchers and their work.

Bexfield Gives MORS Talk on ‘What the Old-Timers Advised’
James Bexfield teamed with Bob Sheldon of the Group W Inc. to deliver a MORS Talk, “What the Old-Timers Advised: Perspectives From Two That Knew Them.” The May 6 talk is Episode 70 of the series.
Fischerkeller Published in Lawfare
Michael Fischerkeller authored “A Cyber Persistence Way to Norms,” published in Lawfare. The article identifies shortcomings of the United Nations-based approach to norms for managing ongoing cyber threats to international peace and stability and proposes a new approach of cyber persistence for cultivating conformance to explicitly proposed cyber norms and tacitly proposing new norms.
Wong Spoke on CNA Panel on Wargaming
Yuna Wong served as a panelist on “Inclusivity in Wargaming and Impacts for Defense Planning,” hosted by CNA. Yuna discussed the challenges that women face in wargaming, and she brought up the Women’s Wargaming Network that she helped found and is continuing to grow. A recording of the May 18 online event is available.
Balakrishnan Spoke on ASME Panel
Asha Balakrishnan spoke on the “International Space Station National Lab – AS-ME Anything” panel at ASME Policy Impact 2022. Asha, a former American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) Congressional Fellow, provided a general policy lens to the conversation with scientists and engineers who send experiments to the International Space Station. She discussed some of the challenges facing the field but also opportunities for ASME members to become more involved in space activities. The panel occurred on May 18, the second day of the three-day event.
Johnson Published in International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Brad Johnson coauthored a paper with Maitraye Sen, Joshua Hanson, Salvador García-Muñoz and Nikolaos Sahinidis. The paper, “Stochastic Analysis and Modeling of Pharmaceutical Screw Feeder Mass Flow Rates,” was published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics. The coauthors propose a hybrid deterministic-stochastic screw feeder flowsheet model.
Markov Quoted in Air Force Magazine
David Markov was quoted throughout an Air Force Magazine article titled, “Dependence on Russian Aircraft Engines Could Prompt China to ‘Fix Their… Problem.’” In the article, David offers an explanation on why China is still lagging in the area of fighter engine production. David discussed the topic of military cooperation between China and Russia on a panel at the China Aerospace Studies Institute conference on May 17.
Bharadvaj and Woods Published in War on the Rocks
Akar Bharadvaj and Kevin Woods coauthored “When Strongmen Invade, They Bring Their Pathologies With Them,” featured in War on the Rocks. The authors highlight parallels between the early phases of Iraq’s invasion of Iran in 1980 and Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine.
Fischerkeller Published in Lawfare
Michael Fischerkeller wrote a Lawfare blog titled “What Does 2022 NDS Fact Sheet Imply for the Forthcoming Cyber Strategy?” The DOD’s 2-page fact sheet on the 2022 National Defense Strategy (NDS) identifies campaigning as a way to advance DOD goals of gaining advantages against the full range of competitors’ coercive actions, undermining acute forms of competitor coercion, and complicating competitors’ military preparations. In the post, Michael argues that campaigning is at the core of DOD’s current cyber strategy of defend forward/persistent engagement and that, therefore, the same goals should be expected in DOD’s forthcoming cyber strategy.
Markov Spoke on CASI Panel
David Markov spoke as a panelist at the third biennial China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI) Conference at the National Defense University on May 17. The conference focused on Great Power Competition and Deterrence.
Lindbergh Addressed Students on Internship and Career Opportunities
Rachel Lindbergh spoke at the Day One event hosted by Advanced Technology International (ATI) with students about her past experience as an intern. ATI leads an initiative to provide computer science and cybersecurity experience to underrepresented students from historically black colleges and universities (HCBUs). The Day One event on May 9 was a celebration of the guided internship program.
Wagner Presented at Acquisition Research Program Symposium
Nick Wagner spoke on a panel at the Naval Postgraduate School’s 19th Annual Acquisition Research Program Symposium on May 12, 2022. Nick’s panel paper includes a proposal to extend existing software acquisition program data management systems to increase the speed and effectiveness of oversight.