IDA in the Research Community Archives, 2021-Q4

IDA Research Staff participate actively in various professional activities – both within their disciplines and ancillary to them – including publishing in the open literature. Below are some recent citations of IDA Researchers and their work.

Cox Addresses Navy’s Plans for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems in War on the Rocks
Greg Cox Addresses Navy’s Plans for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems in War on the Rocks Cox authored “The U.S. Navy’s Plans for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Leave Too Much Unexplained,” published in War on the Rocks.
Lindbergh Interviewed on Lighting the Educational Flame
Rachel Lindbergh discussed space science, STEM and her work at IDA during an episode of Lighting the Educational Flame, hosted by Mark Hoberman with co-host Susan Brender.
Belanich Spoke on Augmented and Virtual Reality Panel
Jim Belanich spoke on a panel, “Research Foundations and Findings Supporting Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Implementation in the Wild,” at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida, on December 2. Jim covered the IDA team’s development of a training effectiveness framework based on the analysis of published literature and discussions with experts in the field.
IDA Researchers Teamed on Systems Engineering Wiki
SEBoK Elizabeth McDaniel, Karen D. Johnson and Daniel Radack were coauthors of (with contributor Thomas McDermott) “System Hardware Assurance,” published in the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) wiki. The SEBoK wiki is managed by a governing board chaired by representatives from Stevens Institute of Technology, IEEE, and INCOSE.
Tate Spoke at MORS Event
photo, David Tate David Tate presented “Assured AI and Autonomy: Let’s Stop Talking About ‘Transparency’” at the 2021 Military Operations Research Society (MORS) AI and Autonomy Workshop, where he also served on an invited expert panel discussing test and evaluation of AI and autonomous systems.
Roday Offers Tips to Be Successful at First Job
photo, Miriam Roday Miriam Roday authored “Dos and Don’ts to Succeed at Your First Job,” published by the Women’s Foreign Policy Group. Miriam provides 10 tips for how a first-time employee can become an essential, invaluable member of the team who others will trust and want to work with.
Hallex and Cottom Won Maerz Award for Publication
Matthew Hallex and Travis Cottom received a Joint Force Quarterly Maerz Award for their 2020 article, “Proliferated Commercial Satellite Constellations: Implications for National Security.” The Maerz Awards recognize the most influential articles from the previous year’s four issues.
Wahlman and Heuring Published in Modern War Institute
Alec Wahlman and Terry Heuring co-authored “Revolutionary Technology, Revolutionary Battlefield Effects: a Vision for New DoD Energy Technology in Three Scenarios,” published on the Modern War Institute’s website. The article describes how the new generation of commercial energy technologies can enhance military effectiveness.
Bekoe and Burchard Published in African Affairs
Dorina Bekoe and Stephanie Burchard coauthored “Robust electoral violence prevention: an example for Ghana,” published in African Affairs.
Cotting Published in Psychology of Men & Masculinities
Dave Cotting authored “The Military Hypermasculine Mystique: Sex, Status, and Emotional Control at the United States Military Academy,” published in Psychology of Men & Masculinities.
Fischerkeller Published in Lawfare
Michael Fischerkeller authored “Initiative Persistence and the Consequence for Cyber Norms,” published in Lawfare.
Greenwood on U.S Naval Institute’s ‘Proceedings Podcast’
Tom Greenwood was interviewed on the U.S. Naval Institute’s “Proceedings Podcast,” during which he discussed how the mission of the U.S. military might be better described as fighting and succeeding in the nation’s wars instead of pursuing the elusive idea of “victory.”
Burchard Spoke at Global Event on ‘After Afghanistan’
Stephanie Burchard was among the speakers at “After Afghanistan: the Future of Democracy Support in Post-Conflict States.” The October 20 event was organized by the Parliamentary Centre, a Canadian non-governmental organization and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Canada.
Sugden Article Published in Texas National Security Review
photo, Bruce Sugden Bruce Sugden authored “Nuclear Operations and Counter-Homeland Conventional Warfare: Navigating Between Nuclear Restraint and Escalation Risk,” published in Texas National Security Review. Bruce addresses how navigating a path out of nuclear stalemate during a great-power conflict could lead to a dual failure of nuclear and conventional deterrence with one or several nuclear-armed adversaries conducting limited regional nuclear strikes as well as counter-homeland conventional strikes.
Blackwell Published in Comparative Strategy
photo, Jim Blackwell Jim Blackwell authored “Cognitive Hyper-Dissonance: Nuclear Signaling Through Military Exercises,” published in Comparative Strategy.
Greenwood Published in Proceedings
photo, Tom Greenwood Tom Greenwood wrote “The Elusive Quest for Victory in War,” published in the October 2021 issue of the U.S. Naval Institute’s magazine Proceedings.