Research Staff

IDA researchers – 90 percent of whom have earned advanced degrees – solve tough, urgent scientific and technical problems. Our objective analyses undergird decisions made by the Nation's top leaders.

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IDA researcher
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Since 1956, senior officials in the federal government have turned to IDA for our

  • Deep expertise spanning most scientific and engineering disciplines
  • Strict avoidance of personal and organizational conflicts of interest
  • Exceptional objectivity
  • Reliable discretion
  • Superior rigor in review of research
  • Profound understanding of the national security environment and its long-term requirements
  • Highly disciplined cost management
  • Substantial front-line expertise in operations
  • Workforce exceedingly motivated to assist government decision-making

Diverse and Interdisciplinary

Government sponsors ask IDA's help in understanding exceptionally varied problems. For each project, research teams possessing the precisely necessary variety of scientific and technical disciplines – and representing disparate life experiences – are assembled from across the Institute's divisions. IDA's flat organization and culture of internal collaboration allow researchers to easily and collegially interact with each other and the Institute's leaders.