This document provides a list of reports, papers, and other government documents that STPI has either developed independently or supported since April 2012. When the documents are publicly available, they are hyperlinked to their URLs. All other reports are available upon request with permission from the sponsor. Projects fall in five categories: Exploration and Space S&T; Space Commercialization and Legal/Policy/Regulatory Challenges; Strategic Planning/Coordination; Space Threats; and International Activities.

A. Exploration and Space Science and Technology


On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM)

Space Nuclear Power

  • Assessment of the Federal Space Nuclear Power Enterprise
  • Launch Approval Process for the Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion Enterprise
    • Current Status and the Future of Space Nuclear Power
    • Legal Requirements of Nuclear Launch Approval
    • Developing a Launch Approval Process for Nuclear Fission Reactors: Lessons Learned from Risk Mitigation and Approval Processes in Other Sectors
    • Evolution of the Space Nuclear Launch Safety Review Process
    • What Is Nuclear Power’s Niche in Deep Space Missions?
  • Workshop Proceedings on Launch Approval Process for the Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion Enterprise
  • Commercial Uses of Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion (In Progress)
  • NSTC Support of Space Nuclear Power Launch Policy (In Progress)

B. Space Commercialization and Legal/Policy/Regulatory Challenges

Commercial Space


  • Improving U.S. Export and Investment Regulations Pertaining to Space (In Progress)
  • Legal Framework for Commercial Activities in Space
  • FAA Cost of a Casualty Value for Determining Licensee Insurance Requirements
  • New Developments in the Commercial Space Sector
    • Examining the Diversity of Emerging Space Companies
    • A Brief History of Government Policies to Promote Commercial Space
  • Human Spaceflight Industry and Government Readiness for Regulation
  • Upcoming Activities in Outer Space Not Covered Under the Current Regulatory Regime
    • Innovation Policies in the United States

Small Satellites

C. Strategic Planning/Coordination/Agency Support

D. Space Threats


Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience (CISR)

Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

Space Weather/Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

Planetary Defense/Near Earth Objects (NEOs)

Space Debris

  • Valuable Orbits in Near-Earth Space and Their Vulnerability to Degradation
  • Challenges of Orbital Debris

E. International Activities

  • Commercial Space Activities in China (In Progress)
  • Global Trends in Space (Volumes 1, 2 and 3: Briefing; Overall Findings)
    • Global Trends in Space: Implications for NASA
    • Reshaping Space Policies to Meet Global Trends
    • Space Collaborations in the Asia Pacific and the United States’ Options for Collaboration